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Miss CBS 48 Hours episode David Camm "Walking Free"? Watch it here!
He was exonerated October 24th after spending 13 years in prison.
Mission Statement:  Investigating Innocence is a not-for-profit organization that provides investigative support to indigent inmates, lawyers and Innocence Projects throughout the United States who seek to prove post-conviction claims of actual innocence.  To help accomplish this goal, the organization is dedicated to training and educating its members to the highest standards in how to conduct post-conviction investigations. The organization is supported by annual membership dues of private and public investigators, as well as individual and institutional members.

Who We Are:  We are a national project whose core membership is comprised of private investigators.  We work to free the wrongfully convicted. Many of our members specialize in criminal defense investigation. The Honorary Chairman of our Advisory Board of Private Detectives is private eye Paul Ciolino.  Paul’s investigation of wrongful conviction cases has earned him the reputation as America’s top criminal defense investigator.  Joining him on the Board are some of the country’s best investigators.

The Honorary Chairman of our Advisory Board of the Exonerated is Kirk Bloodsworth.  The first person in the U.S. to be exonerated from death row, Kirk’s case inspired Barry Scheck and Peter Neufeld to form the Innocence Project in 1992. This board provides support to our clients by communicating hope. 

Famed Forensic Pathologist Dr. Michael Baden is the Honorary Chairman of our Forensic Science Advisory Board.   The Board is also comprised of a divergent group of medical doctors and forensic experts who are available as consulting experts on the cases we accept.

What We Do:  Our members are experienced in investigating innocence.  Our investigators are licensed to skip trace and locate missing witnesses.  Some of our members have specialized training and skills in forensic investigations including crime scene reconstruction; bloodstain pattern analysis; and analyzing forensic evidence.   Our investigators are some of the most skilled interviewers of witnesses.