Francie Koehler

Contact Information
Company: Special Circumstances CA PI 11539
Address: 510 3rd Street, # 101-D
Oakland, CA 94607

Francie Koehler

Since 1985, Francie Koehler has conducted a wide range of civil and criminal investigations at both federal and state levels in addition to supervising a staff of investigators. A missing person case she investigated was portrayed on Unsolved Mysteries and one of her capital cases was featured in A Suitable Job for A Woman, a book by British author, Val McDermid. Author Ann Rule chronicled a case Koehler investigated in her true crime story, In the Name of Love. A licensed private investigator in California, Koehler’s chief investigative focus is pre-trial and post-conviction criminal defense. Her company, Special Circumstances, enables her to concentrate in her area of interest.

Koehler served as a two-term president for the National Council of Investigation & Security Services (NCISS) (2008-2010), Board Chair in 2010 and Legislation Chair (2013 to present), a two-term president for the California Association of Licensed Investigators (CALI) (1999–2001), Legislation Chair (2001-2004 and 2006 to present), and served on its Board of Directors (1990-2010). She testifies frequently on behalf of California private investigators before California’s Senate and Assembly Committees and received CALI’s Legislative Excellence Award (2005). Koehler was recognized with CALI’s highest honor, the Distinguished Achievement Award (2003), Investigator of the Year (1997), and received four CALI President’s Awards, the most recent in September 2010. NCISS recognized her with the Wayne J. Wunder Award (2005) and the John J. Duffy Award (2014) for service to the private investigation and security communities. Koehler served on the Bureau of Security and Investigative Services (BSIS) PI Advisory Committee from 2001 to 2003 and has been a subject matter expert three times in preparation for the California private investigator licensing test. In 2001 BSIS presented her the first-ever award to a PI for outstanding service to the private investigation profession. Koehler also holds memberships in the following associations, ASIS, California Attorneys for Criminal Justice (CACJ), California Defense Investigators Association (CDIA), Council of International Investigators (CII), Florida Association o of Licensed Investigators (FALI), International Association of Security & Investigative Regulators (IASIR), National Association of Legal Investigators (NALI), Texas Association of Licensed Investigators (TALI), and World Association of Detectives (WAD).

In addition to her case work and association activities, Koehler hosts a weekly international internet radio program on, entitled PI’s Declassified! In September 2013 she was featured as its Host of the Month out of 250 hosts. The show is designed to educate the public on the little-known positive activities of licensed investigators and is crafted to combat the myth surrounding private investigators fostered by TV and the movies to show that the work of a private investigator is essential to the legal system.

Koehler is a certified conflict mediator and works with community-based organizations in challenged communities to resolve conflict and facilitate increased communication. For her work in this area, she received the 2014 Humanitarian Award from Who’s Who. In her spare time, she teaches interviewing and report writing skills, provides seminars on identity theft and is on the staff of the Defense Investigators Training Academy and Investigative Career Training School. She also volunteers for the San Jose, CA based Santa Clara University Innocence Project and has worked pro bono on behalf of the family of a missing California woman since 1985.